Tebella Tea Company / Tampa, FL


Our tea selection comes from TeBella Tea Company, who work with farmers around the globe to provide superior quality and freshness in their many Fair Trade and Organic teas.

Buddy Brew Coffee / Tampa, FL


Our Coffee comes from our friends at Buddy Brew Coffee, who hand roast the highest quality beans from farmers all around the world, in an endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.

Dakin Dairy Farms / Myakka City, FL


Our fresh, local milks, heavy cream, half & half, and buttermilk come to us from Dakin Dairy Farms, whose mission is to produce superior quality, wholesome, farm fresh dairy products from healthy cows using environmentally sustainable practices and state-of-the-art methods.

Cahaba Clubs Herbal Outpost – Odessa, FL


Cahaba offers the freshest hydroponic micro-greens, micro-herbs and micro-vegetables, grown just outside of downtown Tampa, harvested daily on a cut to order basis for optimal quality and taste.

Sammy’s Seafood – St. Petersburg, FL


Our delicious seafood is brought to us from Sammy’s Seafood, who are committed to sourcing only the finest and freshest seafood from local fisherman, shrimpers and crabbers, environmentally-friendly fisheries and sustainable aquaculture farmers.

CeeBee’s Citrus – Odessa, FL


Our fresh squeezed, non-pasteurized orange juice comes to us from CeeBee’s Citrus, a family owned company with a goal of providing the highest quality, best tasting, freshest Florida citrus.

North Country Smokehouse – Claremont, NH


Handmade, slow-smoked meats like smoked bacon and black forest ham are provided by North Country Smokehouse, one of the last remaining family-owned smokehouses in the country, who honor quality and freshness and never use artificial fillers or flavors.

Markon Food Cooperative – Salinas, CA


Many of our leafy greens and vegetables come to us from the Markon Food Cooperative, who have been providing the finest in fruits and vegetables from the most dependable growers for over 25 years.

Hermann Pickle Company – Garrettsville, OH


Our horseradish is manufactured by the Hermann Pickle Company, specialists for almost 40 years in refrigerated kosher dills pickles with a natural, homemade flavor.

Rose Acre Farms – Seymour, IN


Many of our eggs and specialty eggs come from Rose Acre Farms, an innovative company dedicated to producing shell eggs and egg products of exceptional quality, while protecting animal health and welfare.

Sauder’s Eggs Holmes County, OH


Many of our eggs come from Sauder’s Eggs, a family company for 60 years, built upon traditions of integrity, product excellence, and fairness.